JB De Leon

It is as though fate always had this career path planned for JB de Leon. He fell in love with the art of photography by chance. And after dabbling in different careers, from directing to being a comedienne, he finally found his true calling as a fashion photographer.

Within just two years of practice, the proudly Pinoy self-taught photographer has already been making waves in the industry, drawing the attention of esteemed publications, agencies, and brands. He has earned their praise for his clean style, high-fashion taste, and distinctly edgy signature.

JB was trained in New York and has worked with the country’s top models and celebrities. His pictures tell a story and in every frame, he’s able to immortalize a moment, capture the emotions and being of a person.

"I draw inspiration from my surroundings, specially the nature. My favorite part of the job is connecting with people and bringing out the best in them. Each subject I work with is a unique experience,” says JB.

When he’s not busy exploring new techniques for his craft, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and going to the beach to unwind.

source: JB De Leon
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